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  • 1 monthly visit + as many visits as required by urgences and circumstances : great wind, rains, electricity/water cut-off, burglary, natural/technical damages, piping split, neighbour complain, supplier change...

  • Prepare apartment or house for guests

  • Purchasing and selling consulting

All is included

Works : Repair and Refurbishing

Quote request and submission, works coordination, onto site supervision, photo report. 10% on global invoice + VAT.

Thanks to choose Basic or Comfort and specify : name, living address, email address, mobile phone, property address, year of construction, living area, number of levels, number of separated toilets and shower/bathrooms, heating mode, co-owners number, co-ownership trustee

  • 1 monthly visit with a building technician

  • Fees charged for additional visit

  • Fees charged to prepare the apartment or house for guests

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